do you want to play chess against me?

Chess is a great game. It got me hooked when I was a kid. My father taught me the rules during our summers at the lake of Bracciano (near Rome) and after several years of inactivity, here I am, playing chess with people from all over the world.

These are the places I’ve been fighting:

  • I had been spending my time at (user: stefanutti), until the web site had been declared dead (01/Jun/2008). What a pity! It was a great site. My rank was 1760 after about 65 games. Not that good, but not that bad either. Here you can find the games I played there: games. The old URL now redirects to this new site for kids:
  • From the 01/Jul/2008 I’ve been playing at (user: stefanutti). Great site, much better than Unfortunately they sealed my account because I didn’t notice that advertising was being blocked by the antivirus installed on my machine. I was not fast enough to reset filtering to allow advertising for the chess site. Highest rate reached was: 1558. See below the stats of my games there.
  • From the 17/Apr/2012 I moved to (user: stefanutti). Seems really good … and without the limitations of gameknot.

For real time chess, I am playing here:

And these are other sites I visit:


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